Extradiu​m for SharePoint comes in 3 editions : the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

The table below highlights the features availab​le in ea​ch edition.​​​​

Compare Extradium Editions

Enterprise Professional Standard
Secure your extranet with second factor authentication    
Restrict the visibility of external users in the People Picker on each site collection    
Restrict the management of external users on each site collection    
Authenticate your external users on both an LDAP directory and the Extradium database    
Monitor the activity of your external users with detailed audit reports  
Enforce a flexible password policy to secure your user accounts  
Automate account expiration after a period of inactivity  
Invite your users to sign up on your extranet site  
Enforce dynamic registration rules and an approval workflow upon sign up  
Protect the privacy of your external user profiles  
Improve the usability of the SharePoint People Picker for external users and groups  
Improve the sign-in experience and site security with sticky usernames and auto sign-off  
Manage your external users and groups without depending on IT
Delegate user administration to trusted business users
Leverage Extradium organizations to segregate external users
Customize email notifications (content and look'n'feel)
Personalize the sign in page branding and messaging
Empower your users to manage their own accounts
Multilingual and responsive user interface