At RioLinx, we don’t just love collaboration. We’re also passionate about identity management. Why? Because in order for secure, enterprise collaboration to be truly effective and efficient, authentication (who am I?) and authorization (what can I do?) must be as frictionless as possible.

​While that’s certainly already the case for internal collaboration between colleagues, external collaboration with partners, customers, suppliers, users or followers is still lacking the seamless authentication and authorization experience professional users and consumers alike expect in the 21st century. That friction creates an artificial barrier to adoption, which partly explains while external collaboration is still in its infancy.

At RioLinx, we’ve set out to solve that problem and make external collaboration as pervasive as internal collaboration already is. With Extradium for SharePoint, we make it easy for organizations of all sizes to leverage the forms-based authentication capabilities of SharePoint and to let their power users (not their IT staff) manage their external user directory straight from within their SharePoint extranet sites. With BeezLinx, our ambition is to help bring social engagement to the next level by combining the strengths of social networks and secure enterprise collaboration into one single platform. We hope you will share our vision of the future of collaboration in an increasingly connected and multi-faceted digital world.

​Founded in 2010 by Raphael Londner, a former Microsoft consultant, RioLinx was created in order to provide reliable,  easy-to-use, yet powerful and feature-rich solutions to its customers. With its extranet enablement solutions, RioLinx provides valuable solutions that allow organizations to strengthen their ties with customers, partners, contractors or constituents through SharePoint extranet sites. Our list of U.S. and international clients includes IKEA, Florida International University, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and many others.